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Bobby Wang

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The world is big and there are so many wonderful things to try. Everytime I try something new, it seems like discovering a new land that never existed. Life is fabulous, I want to try everything.

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Some Interesting Facts

3Continents Visited
5KG Weight Gain in 10 Days
21Years On Earth

About Me

Curiosity is a blessed gift.

I'm curious about lots of things, and I queue them and try to try everything. People fear the unknown but knowing the unknown really opens up a whole different new world to me.

Five years ago, I programed my first game on the graphical calculator used in math classes. Three years ago, I set sail for digging deep into the world of computer science at University of New South Wales. A year ago, I started my professional career in the field of software.

Recently I've been trying to gain weight and muscles, with special attention to pecs and abs. I didn't believe it is possible to gain weight because I've been stuck at the bottleneck of weight for years. However, surprisingly I gained 5 kilograms over 10 days. All it needs is someone you care and who motivates you.

Get in Touch

I'm based in Sydney and I'm pretty busy most days. However if there are important information you'd like me to know, feel free to get in touch.

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