CSESoc UNSW Hackathon 2019

CSESoc has annually hackathons. This year, the topics are very broad.


As a group of 6 with an awsome name Devs For Life, we initially planned to make a platform that connects unemployed and unexperienced people to companies, where those people wish to gain experienced more than money and those companies wish manpower but is short of money and can provide experiences.

Turning Point

Hours later, our team finished the backend design, and had the basic UI design. Some mentors came to us and asked what our bussiness model is. We did not have a good bussiness model and decided to change our topic to work on.

Our team then chose Climate Change and planned to develop a computer game that improves the awareness of climate change.

Climate Run

We decided to make the game fun and educational. The logic of the game is to continuouslly plant trees and recycle plastic bottles to keep alive. Player need to control one player and if the player failed to recycle plastic bottles, game over.

After searching around, we decided to fork an existing GitHub project and develop based on that.

We also introduced a character from Japanese manga series, Naruto, as the character players need to control.

Check out the game here: