SYNCS Hack 2019

This hack is held at Canva’s office, and open to all sydney university students.

The Best - Canva Office

Yes, the best part of this hackathon is Canva’s office. The headquarter is located around Sydney CBD but the place has no noises.

Canva’s office offers a sleeping area beside working area. I stayed overnight at Canva’s office and fortunately had a chance to have a taset of the awsome sleeping area.

The Hack

Most participants have already formed teams. I joined a team at the hack. One of the team member is a designer, who did the prototypings and wireframings.


As a group of 5, we first decided to build a physical device that helps visually impaired people to have a good shopping experience in supermarkets.

Turning Point

After a while, we realised that there will be no screen display for the physical device because the target user are blind. Screenless device appeared hard for our group to develop, and we changed our topic to restaurant menu recommendation.


We built SUFFLE, an app that decides restaurant and food for indicisive people.

The designer designed the UI prototype and wireframed it, and then I turned it to a wep app that runs on mobile phones.

We added OCR (image to text) to enable user to scan menu to a digital version menu. We used Tesseract.js but it sometimes is not accurate and runs a bit slow, which becomes a problem that should be solved if the app were turned to real world.

Check out here: